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Audio artist with a passion for innovative techniques


A new approach to audio

Passion, innovation and perfection


Audio-nerd Jelle Jurry is a skilled engineer and designer. An audio artist with passion for innovative techniques, whose main goal is to let people experience the beauty of his high end sound systems.

For Jelle Jurry just listening to your favorite music is not enough, he wants you to experiebce it in all its subtleties.

Jelle Jurry is the founder of Audiolympic and has devoted his life making the very best sound systems in the world. He is surrounded by the most inspiring people in the field of high end audio and translates all of their feedback and his own knowledge into pure, high end sound. You can hear it, you feel it, you want it.

His sound systems are described as:

  • “Unmatched musical.”
  • “Sublime design.”
  • “A new approach to audio.”
  • “A pleasure to listen to.”
  • “Beautiful clarity.”
  • “Perfect three dimensional reproduction.”

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